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Buy Tavor 7 for Sale

Buy Tavor 7 for sale | IWI Tavor 7 for sale
To begin with, Tavor 7 for sale is the next evolutionary step in the Tavor bullpup family. Again, base on requests from military and civilian customers alike, the Tavor 7 is IWI’s introduction into the 7.62×51 bullpup rifle offering. Therefore, Tavor carries the usual reliability expect of all IWI products with some increase ergonomic features. Buy Tavor 7 for sale, tavor 7 for sale, Buy iwi tavor 7 for sale

Furthermore, this includes the ability to lock the charging handle without the use of the bolt catch. Kn addition, it also maintains the M4 type ambidextrous magazine release system and 45-degree ambidextrous safety.

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Buy guns online – Tavor 7 for sale

IWI Tavor 7 for sale
Moreover, due to the dynamic changes in the battlefield and the necessity of a potent 7.62mm cartridge weapon with superior performance, granting the troops an innovative, Buy powerful, accurate and reliable weapon that can be rapidly and easily deploy in all combat situations. That is to say, IWI created the TAVOR 7 7.62X51mm Assault Rifle.

As a result, TAVOR 7 is a bullpup configuration system – rear center of gravity enabling a rapid acquisition of the target and providing the ability to fire the weapon with only one hand.

Furthermore, due to the bullpup configuration, the weapon’s overall length can be significantly reduced without modifying the barrel length. To add, allowing maneuverability in CQB / confine spaces and at the same time, being lethal for long ranges.

In addition, TAVOR 7 is a battle-ready innovative weapon, built to be durable and robust. And design in close collaboration with the IDF to create a weapon with outstanding performance. Likewise, accuracy in all environmental conditions with enhance human ergonomics.

IWI tavor 7 accuracy
Meanwhile, TAVOR 7 is made of superior steel and high strength impact modified polymer. In short, it has a rotating bolt system ensuring maximum safety for the user.

Nevertheless, TAVOR 7 can be easily adapt, depending on the operational requirements. Above all, military or law enforcement tasks – vehicle patrol & use, CQB & confine spaces, undercover missions short and medium combat engagement; custom police operations, VIP protection, etc.

Consequently, TAVOR 7 for sale is a fully ambidextrous platform; the ejection side can be swap rapidly and easily from side to side by the user. However, it is equip with mil standard 1913 Picatinny rails on all sides allowing 100% compatibility with; any available sights and/or accessories.